11 Best eBook Reader Apps for Android Smartphones

Nowadays printed books are losing their popularity as electronics readers are becoming popular. Now people like to read on their smartphones and Tablet as they will be able to take their favorite books with them on the go. Especially tablet devices provide a great experience for reading books as they are weightless, very compact and capable of storing thousands of books. Turn Android devices into an excellent mobile library with the subsequent ebook reader apps for Android.Best E Book Readers

Finding the right eBook reader apps is difficult. There are a different variety of eBook types, a lot of file formats to deal with, and then there are also different kinds of books like novels, comics, etc which make the whole experience a little complicated. Don’t worry, We nowhere we can help by showing you the 11 best eBook reader apps for Android so you can simply start reading.

1) Moon+Reader:

Moon+Reader is a great android app for reading books. Here we can download Thousand of ebooks for free through online libraries. Comes with a lovely day & night reading option for excellent reading experience without hurting you. Real page turning effect looks very cool. This app also got gesture-based controls to do several things like zooming, lock the page, adjust brightness level and so many. Download an ebook on your device and instantly find it in Moon Reader library.

2) Mantano Ebook Reader Lite:

Mantano Ebook Reader is a great choice which has recently released in google play store. Read, annotate to any EPUB or PDF ebook with the most popular Android ebook reader. With its advanced UI, the app allows you to organize books in your collection. It also allows to create annotations, highlights and you can fastly access them. The integrated file explorer permits browsing through SD card and import books manually.

3) We know

how popular Amazon Kindle Fire tablet among for its content and great reading experience among the readers. Well, you can achieve the same experience on your phone or tablet by downloading the Kindle app for Android. Similar to play books, users can download and Read Free Books—By selecting those from thousands of free ebooks and simply shop for eBooks, including new releases. Kindle app is one of the best ebook readers for android.

4) Nook Android App:

The company is already famous for its Nook Tablet and a range of content on their online store letting users get access of million of books and magazine. The app also permits you to subscribe an good list of a publication like US Weekly, National Geographic, and The Oprah Magazine — starting with free for a 14-day.

5) EBookDroid:

EBookDroid is an eReader which focuses on PDF and DJVU files. It features like text choice, external dictionary support, annotations, and text notes. While this isn’t all that great of a feature set for, say, novels, those who are looking for eBook reader apps that read textbooks may find these features a lot of handy. It also comes with few formatting options which helps to give you the most comfortable reading experience. You will be able to get it for the free version.

6) FBReader:

FBReader is also the most popular eBook reader apps because it is totally free to use. It supports many formats, including EPUB, FB2, RTF, Doc, HTML, and plain text. It comes with a built-in browser for finding the eBooks to download which is helpful. It has customization options, library syncing, and much more.

7) Google Play Book:

Google Play Books wasn’t a great eBook reader but has been progressively improving over time. It is in the Google Play Store and most of the stuff you are reading will come from there. Here, you will be able to upload PDF and EPUB files to your library which can then be synced to your many devices which are a nice tought. The interface is fashionable with Material Design elements and this is a good option if you are looking for an eBook platform instead of just an eBook reader.

8) Prestigio Ebook Reader:

Prestigio is a newer addition to the eReader, but it still has a many of useful features. It has a number of supported file types, including the common ones like PDF, DJVU, EPUB, and many others. Updates over the last year have added to Material Design, which is easy to use and look of the app is in a positive way. It features in-app bookstores, various themes, and you can also sign up for an account and sync your books across your devices.

9) Readmill:

Readmill is a modern, intuitive, simple, and beautifully designed ebook reader that includes an innovative feature set, impressive user interface. If you are a big reader and want to access books on the go, this app could well be the option for you.

10) Fabrik Ebook Reader:

Fabrik is one of the new ebook reader apps. This eBook reader that supports Dropbox accounts.  You will be able to store your ebooks in the cloud via Dropbox, and Fabrik allows you to access and read them wherever you want as long as you have the Internet.

When connecting the app to your Dropbox account, you simply need to select the folder where you have saved the ebooks and the app will detect the files.The app has only few customization options, like changing the brightness of your screen, and changing the font size. You simply need to scroll up or down to increase or decrease the brightness of your screen. If you want to read in large fonts, then simply tap the plus (T+) or minus (T-) icons to change the font size.

11) Universal Book Reader:

It supports for EPUB and PDF files along with a built-in browser so you can shop for eBooks. It also supports for Feed books store directly integrated, which is nice if you use that service. The app has a fashionable design with splashes of Material Design and it’s free to download.

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