8 prisma app alternatives for Android and Ios Device [ Apps like prisma ]

Now-a-days people are becoming enthusiastic to the viral images sharing trend through Prisma app. This has gained a great of publicity by becoming famous overnight among people who share a many of edited images using this app on the social media platforms. It is one of the fastest growing photo editing apps used by people nowadays. Ever since this became the talk of the town among iPhone and Android users, they have started looking for Prisma app alternatives for android phones. This app is still not available for Android users. However, it is expected to be available on Google Play Store by the end of July 2016.

People have focused mainly on the features of this app, that was launched first for IOS devices. It is seen that iPhone users are highly enthusiastic about this app. Android users also wish to follow the trend and be a trendsetter among their friends by sharing creatively edited pictures, which look like they are edited using Prisma. Here are few of the 8 best alternatives for Prisma app, that can be used by android users.

Super Photo

If you are searching for a Prisma like the app and if you need more artistic effects, you should check out SuperPhoto. While Prisma offers a many of effects to keep you engrossed, SuperPhoto really trumps it with a ton of various cool effects. The free version of the app has more than 200 effects and if you buy the full version, you will unlock more than 1500 effects.

Moreover, you can also customize the output picture’s size, smoothness, the intensity of the effect and more. However, this app does take more time than Prisma to process an effect.

Photo Lab

Photo Lab brings various Prisma like effects in its “Artistic Effects” folder. It includes effects like pointillism drawing, antique oil painting, charcoal drawing, pen and ink, fusion painting, plumbago and much more. You can get even more such effects with the Pro version of the app.While the many of effects are good, the results will depend on a more on the quality of your pictures.


Artbot is not more famous than Prisma, but it has almost the same type of features. ArtBot has less memory than that of Prisma. The user interface is absolutely simple to use even for beginners.


Pikazo also has the same kind of features like Prisma. As its name itself says, it gets its nomenclature after the renowned artist Picasso. Pikazo has various artistic features and also many more creative functions than Prisma. It also occupies less memory in your mobile.

Hope all the above apps can fulfill your desire for Prisma app alternatives. Then download and enjoy photo editing and share on your Apple devices with these beautiful applications. After using these, you will feel that Prisma is still the best of all, you can go ahead and download it from Apple’s app store as it is already available for iPhones.


VSCO is an unknown app in the widespread pool of android apps. It has not faced success, but still, it is one the best user-friendly apps that is very much light in terms of memory and also fast. However, within a few days, Android users can also get their hands on the trending Prisma photo editing app.


PicsArt is a renowned photo editing app but it brings a many of filters that should match the artistic abilities of Prisma. In the “Effects” section of the app, there’s a category dubbed “Artistic” that brings a many of cool filters, shear that is similar to Prisma offers like a poster, mother, pastel, comic, gouache and much more. It also includes effects categories such as pop art, paper, colors and more, so you have a lot of options to select from. These filters are not as detailed as Prisma’s offering but they work as even faster than Prisma.

PicsArt also gets brownie points for its ability to generate animated GIFs and videos, that are pretty cool. The app also brings sharing pictures edited with the app in social media, so you also get to view a many of cool images.


Dreamscope is an iOS app, which is very similar to Prisma. It includes effects like Deep Dream, watercolor, pencil sketch, oil paint, impasto, calculus, temperate, pastel and way more. While the results are as great as Prisma’s. After you have choose the picture you want to stylize, the app does the processing in the background and there is an option to get notified once it is completed.

The app also can share edited pictures through the social network, where people post beautiful pictures using the many of effects.The good news is, if you are not having an iOS device, you can use the web client of Dreamscope.

Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

The professional photo editing app out there that outperform Prisma in some instance. It helps you to get the awesome pics and selfies by implementing the filters and effects. And you can preview the taken images also.

The black and white effect, HDR and 120+ filters help you in creating the visually stunning pictures. When it comes to the filters and effect, it won’t disappoint you. It comes with the basic and advanced editing tools.

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