7 Best Audio Book Apps for Android Phone

The won’t of reading books was quite common few years ago but presently, people will hardly find the time to read a book from cover to cover because of their busy life routines. Audiobooks give you with a straightforward way to listen to your favorite book rather than reading it. You will be able to do this while driving to work, or while taking the daily commute.
There are several audiobook apps that contain thousands of audiobooks in their database. You will be able to search, download and listen to the book of your choice by using these apps. Here there are 7 best audiobook apps, both free and premium, for Android devices.

Librivox Audio Book:

This service offers over 15000 free public domain audiobooks as well as classic novels, poetry, biographies, and non-fiction. Being the work of volunteers from around the world, the quality is variable, and you won’t find several new releases here. However, you can’t beat the price.

After the app is downloaded, you will search the Librivox site by title, author, genre or keyword. You will be able to stream or transfer your chosen items to your Android device. Another choice is to download the audiobooks as mp3s in a zip file and play them on any device.

English Audio Books:


Want to sharpen your language skills in English? This might help you. English Audio Books powered by Librivox provides quite an access to more than 3000 books which could be nice for strengthening your listening and reading skills in English. It also allows you to search and download the audio books for offline reading.
If you examine the catalog within the English Audio Books app, you can find history books, novels, biographies, poetry, short stories and much more. Using the search feature, you can also find the book you want via title, author, genre or special keywords.

Scribd Audio Book:

You probably know that Scribd is famous for providing a large range of text documents and books to the readers however you may not know that the Android app of Scribd comes with more than one million text-based books and famous audiobooks. Simply download the audiobooks to your device for offline listening.


There are 30,000 libraries around the globe that are providing their text books and audiobooks at Overdrive. This app will narrate audiobooks at variable speed and has a volume boost possibility for those that who choose to listen to the books with a lower audio sound. You can choose to not download any book but must stay online to use the app.

Adventure Audio Book:

Adventure Audiobook Collection contains books only from the adventure genre and it is the right audio book app for adventure lovers or youngsters with an active imagination! By using Adventure Audiobook, you will simply stream, download and play the audiobooks that are available in its database.

Free Audiobooks Search:

Search for free audiobooks accessible on the Internet in the public domain with Free Audiobooks Search App. By using this app, you will be able to search for an audio book via the title of the book or author’s name and listen to them via online streaming. It comes up with a more number of books in various genres.

Audio Books Free:

Audio Books Free is an app that contains more than 21,000 audiobooks in its search database. It mainly contains classic audiobooks in the public domain and children books. You can any time view the top most popular audiobooks available in the app database.

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