6 Best Daydream Apps for Android SmartPhone

Daydream feature is an “interactive screensaver mode” which will be can activate automatically when your device is charging, keeping your screen on and displaying the information. Daydream mode will provide your device an always-on information display.Best Android SmartPhone DayDream App

Developers will produce their own Daydream apps and Android includes a variety of built-in options. We will show what you required to know about Daydream mode and how you can use it to make your Android device display the useful information always.

DashClock widget

The DashClock daydream shows you the weather and email details along with the clock. The app allows you to use customize your daydream experience totally. You can also select the foreground color, animation. You can tap on the daydream elements to go either the clock or weather or email apps.

Cool DayDream DashClock WidgetLucid:

If you wish your daydream to point out a ton of information, you must check out Lucid. The app offers various “modules”, where you can see the basic information on the daydream such as alarm, battery, calendar, missed calls, notifications and many more. You can also add more modules. Lucid without any doubt the most rich featured daydream app for Android.

With the free version of the app, the daydream stops for every 30 minutes, so if you want unlimited usage, you have to purchase an app for $1.49.

Best DayDream Lucid

Daydream Quotes

The app name itself says — this app puts famous quotes on your screen when it is in daydream mode. You have two settings, one to choose how fastly the quotes cycle and another to select the text size. You should get good famous quotes to display. This app is free as because of its simplicity; however it’s definitely worth a look.

Daydream Quotes Best App



As the name itself says, BatteryDream gives you battery details within the daydream. The daydream will display your battery details in a circular bar along with the clock and also with message notifications. Other cool feature of the daydream is that it starts blinking once the device is about to full charge. There are not a many of customization options here however you can change the bar color and time format.

Battery Dream Best Dreamday application


Website Daydream

The Website Daydream app allows you select a web address that you want to show as a daydream on your device. This app powered by Chrome allows you set either a static or a full 3D webpage as the daydream in full-screen. You can also interact with the website like you had normally do. So, basically you will be able to set your favorite news site as your daydream, display your personal website.

Website Daydream app apk


You should choose albums from your Gallery and your device can flip through the photos in those albums, basically turning your phone or tablet into a digital photo frame. The Photo Frame app functions as a standard photo slideshow, displays one photo at once, where as Photo Table displays multiple photos at once in a smaller.


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