5 Best Pushbullet Alternatives for Android & iOS Device

Pushbullet is one of the familiar softwares in the market and it is known by almost all the Android users. Pushbullet is nothing but the ultimate software that helps to synchronize your Smartphone and personal computer. It aims to transfer data between the computer and android mobiles and also supports the SMS exchange from the desktop. You can view all those data exchanges in the computer.

At the beginning of its launch, the Pushbullet is available at free cost, but later, it is available for free with limited features. To enjoy all the functionalities of this software, the users can avail its pro version at the cost of $5 per month.

Soon after, Pushbullet showed its interest on monetization, which lead to the removal of essential functionalities at free cost. It straight away cut off its outstanding features such as desktop notifications, unlimited SMS, large file transfers, and universal copy and paste and even more.

As a result, the android Smartphone users are in a position to go for any other software that serves as an alternate to the Pushbullet at free subscription cost.

If you are in a dilemma to choose the best Pushbullet Alternatives for Android Smartphone, then make it clear after reading this article of complete important on the 5 Best Push bullet Alternatives for Android Smartphone.

Let’s know about them one by one in detail,

Best Pushbullet Alternatives [ Free & Premium ]


The best alternative software for pushbullet is AirDroid. It has the functionalities that are far better than the Pushbullet software.



As like the features of Pushbullet, AirDroid also have the features that help to share files, install apps, check notifications, answer & make calls, sync SMS & contacts and reply to WhatsApp messages. Its added feature called AirMirror feature, controlling the Android mobile phone or tablets right from the PC.


One of the best alternate of Pushbullet and is similar to that with the features and functionalities. The features of this mobile phone support the functionalities such as sending notes, sharing links, make or accept calls, sending SMS, mute your phone, find your phone and even more.

Push bullet Alternatives for Android

It differs from Pushbullet by the features such as actionable notifications, universal copy and the ability to transfer files. It doesn’t have the premium version, but it runs with the version that is free from ads.



MightyText is the best SMS app and is the worthy alternate to Pushbullet by its features. It has the additional features that stood far better when compared to the Pushbullet. It does the synchronization job in a neat manner right from the computer.


Yappy is more similar to that of MightyText and is far better than both if you are an SMS lover from the desktop. Its service includes synchronizing of your messages, contacts & gallery and lets you send texts or reply to the same, also helps to make calls or answer them remotely and even mirrors notifications. It is an unlimited SMS service in the desktops.


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