5 Best Packet Sniffing Tools for Windows

Packet sniffing is a process of analysis. The Packet sniffer freeware download tools helpful within the method of capturing any data. And the Packet sniffer freeware download is free for download.  Here you can download the best 5 packet sniffer tools. Most of the system administrators by using the data analysis tools to fix up the issues faced by the network connectivity problems. Using these packet sniffing tools are a really easy job and the benefits are massive levels. The Packet sniffer freeware is downloaded on windows 7 and Samsung apps.

What Is Packet Sniffer?

Packet sniffing could be a technique to gather data within the local area network. If you using internet connection within your office location this software can simply fetch any type of data you would like. Basically internet runs in the plain text. These will simply viewable by someone using a packet sniffer. All the data in our internet isn’t secure except a connection encrypted.

What is Packet Sniffing


If you are searching to find best protocol analyzer, Wireshark is the best choice to you. You will be able to browse the traffic within your computer network with many of the inbuilt features. Wireshark will be able to run on all computing platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Unix. This packet sniffer tool is common among the networking experts, security professional over the world.  You can use it all the features for free. You will be able to touse this good software without paying any license fees.



If you like a network analyzer tool with the command-line then Tcpdump packet sniffer is the best option for you to use. Through filter expressions, you will be able to dump actual matching TCP/IP packets through this tool. And operating this tool is not a toughest one, you will be able to simply learn how to use this tool. Because many of well-explained guides are available.

Tcpdump Packet Snipping

Microsoft Message Analyzer

Microsoft Message Analyzer is that the successor to Microsoft Network Monitor. It is useful in capturing, and analyzing protocol messaging traffic, displaying and alternative system messages. It is not only an efficient tool for troubleshooting network problems, however for testing and verifying protocol implementations also.

Microsoft Message Analyzer Packet Sniffing


In the past decade, wireless networks have been a very importantly past of business networks.  We currently use wireless networks for laptops, tablets and mobile phones.  As these devices have up to importance within the office,  thus has the wireless network.  The Packet sniffing on a wireless network has few unique challenges with supported adapters. Kismet is designed for the wireless packet sniffing and supports any wireless network adapter that supports raw monitoring mode.

Kismet Packet Sniffers


Like Wireshark, EtherApe is also a free and open source piece of software designed to examine the network packets.  Instead of displaying many of information in text format, EtherApe aims to represent the captured packets and also a series of connections and data flows. It supports the viewing network packets real time, however, may also examine standard formats of existing packet captures.  This provides the administrator another valuable tool in troubleshooting network issues.

EtherApe Packet Sniffing



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