10 Best Emoji Apps for Android & iPhone in 2016

Using emojis is a fun and way to express what’s on you feel without saying a word.  Using thousands of emojis and stickers that are available on different platforms and messaging apps that make texting/chatting much more fun and interactive. The best emoji apps are simple to access and convenient to use, with colorful designs. Nowadays, smartphones are bought with preloaded emojis. On the other hand, you will also see many of attention-grabbing emojis outside of what your smartphone offers.

Several emoji apps can be accessed freely. They will work with the primary text messaging platform of your smartphone and popular messaging apps, like WhatsApp. Here are the 10 best emoji apps for iPhone and Android devices.


KeyMoji app brings you the wonderful emoji from a lot of different sources that are being updated in real time. If you do not have much knowledge about what each emoji stands for then KeyMoji is the good app for you, as a result, it will teach you exactly what each emoji means. This app shows you emojis with their phrases, therefore, you always know what you are sending to your friends and loved ones. Simply make sure that the receiver also knows what your emoji stands for therefore that things don’t get awkward.

Emoji Free

You can find a larger and lot of exciting collection of emojis with this app. It permits you to upgrade your texts and emails with a vast type of emojis that suits your messaging needs. These app features include static and animated emojis as well as emoji art made up with a mix of various emojis. The fun doesn’t stop here; you will be able to access attractive emoji fonts to add customized style to your messages.

SwiftKey Keyboard + Emoji

This app provides an actual keyboard full of various emojis, that is supported by iPhone and Android smartphones. Many of emojis are preloaded on the keyboard, making it great for those who love texting a lot. Few other features include flow-typing, a user-generated dictionary, and useful emoji suggestions. For instance, after typing a word, a related emojis will automatically appear next to your text.


Make your use of emojis a lot of personal with this app. You can only create your own unique emojis and stickers to share with your loved ones. Feel like seeing your face or a friend’s face as an emoji? Try it out with this cool app. You will only be ready to send emojis and stickers through this standalone messaging app, that is not as nicely compact as others.

Emoji Keyboard Pro

This app offers another emoji keyboard, that you will be able to modify to your feeling. Many of themes and emojis are available to choose from. You will be able to insert them in regular texts, Whatsapp, Viber, and another messaging app. Also, you will be able to discover the most popular GIFs to send out, along with creating your own from the app.

Emoji Keyboard by LINE

This is one of all the most popular messaging apps available to smartphone users. It offers an intensive arrangement of colorful emojis and stickers to send.  You will be able to insert your emoji and sticker into your normal text messages.

Emojidom Smileys

Over 2,000 smiley faces and stickers are loaded on this app. You will be able to notice emojis of famous cartoon characters, like  Spiderman. Enjoy making use of these smiley faces. You are bound to notice something that fits your personality.

Sliding Emoji Keyboard

Numerous problems can arise when attempting to text someone with a unique smartphone platform than your own.  It will enable you to preview an emoji from an Android phone before sending it to anyone. This cuts out confusion since you will be able to know how each will appear on an iPhone in advance.

SMS Rage Faces

After downloading it, you will be able to turn popular memes into images to send to family and friends. You can notice memes that include characters like Grumpy Cat and Patrick. Even create your own.


You will be able to get different emoji packs for your Smartphone and best of all, you will be able to make your own combinations of emojis and save them for later use. Emoji’s collection of emojis keeps increasing every day, therefore, you have something new to use in your texts, Whatsapp, Viber, etc every day.

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