5 Best Calculator Apps in Google Play Store for Android Mobiles

We, the users of Android mobile phones always have the habit of using the features that are inbuilt in it. Among them, the calculator is one most used app. As, the world is full of calculations, we need a calculator app on every mobile phone. The android phones are designed with the inbuilt calculator app, if you like to go for higher end calculations; you can preferably use many of the calculator apps that are found in the Google play store. These calculator apps are available mostly at free of cost and some may be charged as it depends on the designer of the app.

We here bring you the 5 best android calculator Apps in Google Play Store for Android Mobiles. Let’s have a look of these apps one by one in detail.

Calculator Apps for Android Mobiles

My Script Calculator

This calculator app is known for its awesome features and supports gestures. The specialty of this calculator app is that it allows the users to input the numbers, symbols, etc. in their own handwriting in order to perform mathematical operations.

The app has the special feature that supports scratch-out gestures so you can delete symbols and numbers. This app is made to operate in both portrait and landscape while to undo and redo functions. This calculator app can do all the basic operators are included in the app. It is available in Google Play Store for free.


Calculator Plus

Calculator plus app is designed with nice look and is considered to be the best calculator app for the android mobiles. It is designed to do calculations in a better way than many other calculator apps and is far better than the handheld calculators.



Google calculator is one of the best calculator apps with nice, large buttons. It works more quickly when compared to the other calculator apps. The best thing about this app is that it is free from ads and also has no in-app purchases. Among all the other material design calculator apps, it is considered to be the best. Moreover, it is launched by ASUS, a leading brand company.


Handyman Calculator

The Handyman calculator app is one among the best calculator app for the android mobile phones. It helps to do calculations that include the calculations on angle, electrical, unit conversion (density, temperature, and many more). It also supports fraction operations and it is a built-in feature. It is available at free of cost and for pro version it is $4.99.


Andie graph

This particular calculator app, Andie graph is basically from the Texas Instruments that just cornered on physical graphing calculators, and now to our surprise, you can run a version of them on your phone. It is merely a graphing calculator app that has actually been designed for a touch screen. It aims at replacing the emulated TI calculator. This best calculator app can be downloaded from Google PlayStore and this app is completely free.


This is all about the 5 best android calculator Apps in Google Play Store for Android Mobiles. Make use of it to enjoy its features.

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